We are going to #VoteWithOurDollar

The only way that we can think of to fight back is by voting with our dollar. How else can we compete with billionaires and corporations? Americans are always considered to be good consumers. Well, corporations, beware. We are Americans, we have a brain, and we will consume. We will do it with businesses that consider the quadruple bottom line: perform well financially, environmentally, socially, and how they treat their employees.

Vote with your dollar! Vote with your dollar every single day! Don’t just blindly buy things, make the choice to buy them at a company that truly cares about how they do business.

Cliffton Dry pledges to meet this bottom line, and yours, by continuing to bring you the #highest #quality, #sustainable and #organically #AmericanMade sparkling wine on the market.  

Check out our website at www.clifftondry.com to #FactCheck us.

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