Surf’s Up: Your Mid-August Summer Playlist

by The Writers Via

You need a reminder that it’s mid-August like I need a hole in my eyebrow, so accept my apology and just hear me out: we’re on a quest towards an endless summer at Man Repeller. Fifty bucks says you’ll catch us riding dirty come winter, regardless of what that creeping calendar says. Think top down, chrome spinning, swimsuits on and hypothermia in full effect, which means saying that it’s “mid-August” is basically akin to “June 1st.”

And exactly how do we intend to keep a season going well beyond our own scientific capabilities?

With music. Good, sweet music.

Specifically, this surf-inspired playlist — the follow-up to our last sounds of summer. Three songs in and you’ll be transported to an island, standing up on a board when you didn’t even know you could. So hit play and hang ten. Share an ear bud with a dad bod. And since we’re dedicated to bringing “groovy” back, we should also mandate that “cowabunga” is now the most acceptable way to say “hello.” Click here to read more & Listen to the surf inspired playlist.



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