#PRESSFORPROGRESS for Women Today & Everyday

International Women’s Day Should Be Everyday.

March 8, 2018– We’re celebrating women everywhere, past, future, and present because today is International Women’s Day. This year the theme is #PressforProgress. In today’s ever changing social landscape, the need for progress can’t be overstated. Recent events and repression have led to women taking a stand at the forefront. 2017 saw utter turmoil in regards to women’s rights- efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, compromises to women’s legal and reproductive rights and threats to essential health benefits. Then came the thunderstorm of sexual assault and harassment reports from women from all walks of life, revealing just how prevalent the problem is for women everywhere.

Instead of allowing this corruption to belittle women, this horrible onset of injustice has created a movement. Women support women. Marches. Protests. Strength in numbers. All proving just why this may be one of the most important International Women’s Days the world has seen. We are in a fragile period of time where things can change for the worse or for the better- to not capitalize on this opportunity is allowing the possibility for the worse.

Don’t let today be the only day you acknowledge the actions and the power of women. While today may give us an extra reason to pay attention, everyday is a good day to do something about it. Remember the men and women who have made a difference and strive to follow their lead.

Cliffton Dry is standing firm behind UN Women for Peace Association- give a little, give a lot, but most importantly, PRESS FOR PROGRESS.


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