Healthy Guru Event

The Cliffton Dry team headed to Southampton for the weekend to celebrate a community who loves health and wellness as much as we do. Partnering with brands we believe in and standing beside them all day made for a day of laughs and bubbly galore. While the event was meant to be outdoors, the rain stopped none of the community from enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Upon entering the Southampton Arts Center you were greeted with a Lululemon bag loaded with goodies, from local protein powder, a Swell water bottle, RX bars, local community cards and more. Cliffton Dry was blessed to be front and center and ready to serve to everyone who walked in- we brought orange juice for mimosas and topped every glass with strawberries to add those fresh berry notes that people raved about.

The day was filled with barre, yoga, and meditation as well as plenty of samples to keep hydrated. Cliffton stood out among GTS Kombucha, Chameleon cold brew, Essentia bottled water, and Zico coconut water, just to name a few. The event kept us on our toes with new and exciting locals and visitors to chat with all day long.

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