Have You Ever Gone on a Road Trip With Your Coworker?

by Leandra Medine via manrepeller.com

“A week following the road trip, I have just this to say: no matter how much you love Larry David, he is not the person with whom you want to spend three days in a car. And seeing as Amelia’s Repressed Larry David Syndromehas become a case of Full-Blown Psycho David syndrome, I must admit there were at least two moments where I honestly feared for my life. The first time was when we were leaving Manhattan. She kept saying Manhattanites are like city-dwelling pigeons, because just like these pigeons don’t see humans as predators, the Manhattanites don’t see moving cars as a threat. One might argue they hope to get hit: “Come at me, luxury car,” she muttered, doing her best pedestrian impersonation. “I could use the cash settlement.” Read more here


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