April 22, 1970 marks the first day in history that Earth Day was celebrated. It brought about awareness for the necessity of environmental reform to over 20 million Americans. It brought light to an issue that was in the dark for centuries, and in July of that year, the Environmental Protection Agency was born. It has since spread to 192 countries as a day of political action and civic participation. It is a day for parades, signing petitions, meeting with elected officials, cleaning up the streets, and planting trees. Almost 50 years ago, Earth Day made massive ripples when it came to be, but with climate change and the mounting natural disasters- the environment is screaming for waves rather than ripples- and we should all be fighting to help.

On Earth Day, we expect large corporations to share their sustainability measures. We expect political leaders to reveal their plan for protection. We expect civilians to recognize the difference between throwing it on the ground or recycling it. Policy changes are in the air, and Earth Day brings about a time for reflection and renewal.

How can you make a difference this Earth Day?

Volunteer, donate, clean up after yourself. Every measure, great or small, helps.

The Surfrider Foundation is a cause that’s close to our Clifftonian heart. The force behind the foundation works to keep our oceans and beaches clean. Surfrider’s staff supports their chapter network in their campaigns, they champion for policy and fight legal battles for our coasts, bring awareness to the issues facing our ocean, provide critical support for areas like accounting, technology, and HR, and raise money to make all of this happen. Their focus is on their united love and appreciation for our ocean, waves, and beaches.

The best way to make waves in environmental reform, is to all agree to protect them. See what you can do for Surfrider, or any other local environmental protection nonprofit this Earth Day. Make it more than just a time to post on social media- make it the day that you made a change that changed the world for the better. We only get one Earth.


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