PRESS: The Perfect Holiday Pairing: Cliffton Dry Prosecco and Farm to Table Cuisine

Cliffton Dry Restaurant Partner: Crabtree Kittle House

Quoted from Kittle House Blog

“Now that the holiday season is here, it’s simply inevitable that we’ll be surrounded by copious amounts of sugary treats, goodies, and all that rich food full of future regrets! This season, we’re looking to serve up some delicious alternatives to the usual lineup, and we’re excited to introduce a great new Sparkling Wine that happens to be low in sugar, gluten free, low calorie, and absolutely delicious – the perfectly versatile drink for any occasion.

The exceptionally light flavors and body of Cliffton Dry (fermented like a prosecco wine, but using sustainably grown apples rather than grapes) originates with fresh apples selected from sustainably-farmed orchards in New York’s Finger Lakes Region. Crafted in the Charmat method, Cliffton is triple fermented for 2 to 3 months.

Akin to a Prosecco (but with much less sugar)  Cliffton Dry embraces wine, spirits, beer and cider drinkers who are looking for a light, refreshing sparkling beverage to perfectly complement holiday hors d’oeuvre, appetizers, and even a main course.  With a fresh bouquet and palate pleasing freshness. Its clean, elegant taste has beautiful, refined pear and citrus notes, with a slight, apple finish. Come see for yourself.”



#TASTING & Cook For Your Life at Jonathan Adler, Oct. 1

NYC’s Battery Dance Festival Kicks Off This Weekend

by Wendy Perron Via

Battery Dance Festival is one of the few gatherings that present world dance as well as NYC companies. Masterminded by choreographer Jonathan Hollander, it features the Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance, as well as groups from Colombia, Italy, Norway and Poland. It takes place August 15 to 21 against the backdrop of the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan’s Robert F. Wagner Park.

The home-based companies include Hollander’s own Battery Dance Company, celebrating its 40th year with a premiere by former Graham dancer Tadej Brdnik. Other local companies include Buglisi Dance Theatre, Jennifer Muller/The Works and Tina Croll and Company.

The groups from India in the Erasing Borders series, curated by the Indo-American Arts Council, hail from Mumbai, New Delhi, Kerala and Johannesburg. Battery Dance Festival (formerly known as Downtown Dance Festival) gives audiences a chance to (metaphorically) travel around the world, all in one week.

For a complete schedule, click here.

Eat Up: The 5 Best End-of-Summer Food Events to Put on Your Calendar

by Via Brooklyn Magizine

Between embarking on tropical vacations or steamy weekends at the beach, slurping oysters, barbecuing, and sipping frosty drinks on rooftops, it’s never going to be easy to bid adieu to yet another fleeting summer season. But since there’s nothing you can do to stay September’s inevitable crash back into reality, you might as well thumb your nose at Labor Day with one of these end-of-summer food-focused bashes, from a multi-culti restaurant rally at AfroPunk, to a whole pig feast along the water at The Farm on Kent.

Bites & Beats Food Festival at AfroPunk 2015 (August 21st-23rd): Returning once more to Commodore Berry Park, this action-packed weekend of music, art and activism also places a marked emphasis on food, by coordinating a diverse rally of over 25 food trucks and pop-up restaurants. Sample empanadas from Nuchas, shaved ice from Snowday, and pan-fried Chinese chive cakes from Mamu Thai Noodle, while you kick it to beats courtesy of Lauren Hill, Kelis, CX Kidtronix, and songwriter Sam Dew.
For more info, visit here.

Season’s Harvest Supper Series at Extra Fancy (August 25th and 26th): Extra Fancy is closing out the summer with their second Season’s Harvest Supper Series, welcoming in Eleven Madison Park and Jean-Georges alum, Matthew Gaudet, to cook alongside chef Sean Telo. Priced at $15 each, collaborative dishes will be crafted from ingredients sourced directly from the greenmarket, such as Tristar strawberries, sungold tomatoes, shishito peppers and okra, complimented with Kaipara oysters, live scallops, rabbit, eel and duck hearts.
For more info, visit here.

Food Karma’s Pig & Whiskey with Robbie Richter (August 26th): Food Karma’s summer-long dining series pairs top chefs with New York State farms, to prepare sustainable feasts served on The Farm on Kent’s lush waterfront lawn. Situated snugly under the Williamsburg bridge, with spectacular views of the skyline, the events have been so popular that they just added another to the lineup—a whole hog barbecue blow-out with pitmaster Robbie Richter, accompanied by whiskey, beer, wine, cider, and tunes from a local bluegrass band.
For more info, visit here.

Vinegar Hill House Picnic in the Garden (August 27th): Now that they’ve got a glorious new whiskey garden at their disposal, Kings County Distillery has made great use of the corn and barley-encircled space. And they’re capping off a successful summer season with a prix fixe picnic, catered by Vinegar Hill House’s chef Mike Poiarkoff—expect bourbon-cured lox, watermelon salad, smoked pork shoulder and sweet corn flan, paired with cucumber-dill moonshine and blueberry cobbler cocktails.
For more info, visit here

Waku Waku NYC (August 29th-30th): The Japanese pop culture extravaganza, Waku Waku, is making its Brooklyn debut at the end of the month, uniting Japan and NYC-based tastemakers and leaders, in the worlds of anime, video games, fashion, cosplay, music, art and education. And in addition to two days of performances, screenings, conferences and contests, held at venues like Brooklyn Bowl, Verboten, and Transmitter Park, the festival is anchored by a sprawling food pavilion dubbed “Savory Square.” Located in the brand new Brooklyn Expo Center, eats include ramen from Ippudo, green tea from MatchaBar, cream puffs from Beard Papa’s, and octopus balls prepared by master chefs from Osaka, the birthplace of takoyaki.
For more info, visit here.

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Where to Eat When…

By Leandra Medine Via

Amelia was right: picking a place to eat in New York City can be more challenging than picking a mate with which to procreate for life. There are so many! They all look so cute! If I eat at the one with the decorative tins full of flowers, will I regret the missed mason-jar-full-of-tequila across the street?

But as is often the case with abundant choice and the anxiety it incurs: if you can narrow down the pool from which to pick, you can quell the panic that comes with it. And if you can quell the panic, you can make a decision based not on distortion but rather, on merit. Like it is a basketball team, my friends. And you? You are the referee. (What?)

Enter this: a 4-part series chronicling five restaurants across the four corners of New York City (plus two beyond the bridges and tunnels that demarcate our rent fees!) to trust as your personal, handpicked-and-tried (Drinks were drunk! Taquitos were consumed!) Zagat guide-in-theme. Today, we tackle a portion of lower Manhattan east of Broadway.

So you’re having dinner with a whole bunch of girlfriends, don’t want to make a reservation, see anyone you know outside of the inner circle or get judged for asking, “Extra guac, please?


Try La Palapa at 77 St. Marks Place. And the cool thing about this place, which can be pretty dark inside but offers solid half-in-half-outdoor seating at the front end, is that the guacamole dish is so big you probably won’t have to ask for extra. The margarita pitchers are not exorbitantly sized, which is either a downfall or win depending on whether you’re comfortable ordering one for just yourself. And, the fish tacos taste like zesty grilled fluff rolled into an ocean of carefree gluten. Don’t get dessert, but only because you are in the East Village and Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is one block east while DF Mavens, a coconut-based ice cream shop, is one block west.#Blessed.

Your parents are in town, you haven’t seen them in three months, you’re not paying for dinner and you want to prove that you’re 10 degrees cooler than them, solely because of your impeccable new restaurant knowledge and choice.


Try Seamore’s at 390 Broome Street, brought to you by the kind folks who bequeathed to us The Meatball Shop. If you’re into ceviche, appreciate the notion of a gin mojito, don’t mind — and in fact relish — communal seating and like the idea of sitting in a restaurant that looks like a curated Instagram account, you will shit yourself on immediate contact. And then you will feel great about that bile release because the food is that good. There is also a daily soft serve on tap for dinner, which comes in a cone to you at your table. Eat that while your mom is picking up the bill.

It’s been a long week, you’ve had four dinners at Jack’s Wife Freda and you’re ready to try something different. Something that will either blow you away or suck you the F in.


Try Noreetuh at 128 First Avenue. If I’m being really honest with you, I have not tried this place but accordingly to Cristina, our ad sales wizard, it is “really funky.” According to the Internet, it is Hawaiian — sorry, elevated Hawaiian — cuisine. I don’t know what that means other than maybe bbq’d pineapples, but if that’s all, that’s enough. Let’s head there together?

You have just one task to complete on your evening agenda and it is to get wasted.


If you’re wearing high waist linen shorts with a striped shirt, leather jacket, clogs and a topknot above your head, try Leadbelly at 14 Orchard Street. Ask for the cucumber martini but substitute the vodka for tequila and shed your layers of self consciousness because the people populating this bar are so cool you feel like a fraud. Also! There’s popcorn. #Blessed x 2.

If you’re wearing anything else, try Sweet and Vicious at 5 Spring Street (by Elizabeth St.): drinks in mason jars, happy hour specials and a backyard garden that feels like home. Once you’re wasted, you will invariably realize that the other thing on your agenda was dessert. Morgenstern’s is but a mere block away, friends.

You’re leaning in like any good female aged 24-36 in 2015 does and choosing a first date spot for a one-on-one you have planned tonight. You anticipate that your choice will reflect ​whether or not you are a suitable partner and in thinking through the character traits that make you special, you decide spontaneity, willingness-to-get-down and how well you can eat (waffles!) on your feet are key factors.


Try a food truck…any food truck. I did this once and poof! Three years later: married.

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Have You Ever Gone on a Road Trip With Your Coworker?

by Leandra Medine via

“A week following the road trip, I have just this to say: no matter how much you love Larry David, he is not the person with whom you want to spend three days in a car. And seeing as Amelia’s Repressed Larry David Syndromehas become a case of Full-Blown Psycho David syndrome, I must admit there were at least two moments where I honestly feared for my life. The first time was when we were leaving Manhattan. She kept saying Manhattanites are like city-dwelling pigeons, because just like these pigeons don’t see humans as predators, the Manhattanites don’t see moving cars as a threat. One might argue they hope to get hit: “Come at me, luxury car,” she muttered, doing her best pedestrian impersonation. “I could use the cash settlement.” Read more here


17 types of New Yorkers you’ll see in the summer

Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Vasilios Sfinarolakis

By Time Out NY Writers Via

It’s looking like it’s going to be another hot one in New York this week. That means we’ve got seven more days of hot subways, intense humidity and trying to find love without literally passing out. But at least take heart that you’re not alone. As you move through this concrete, glorified hot plate this week, keep an eye out for these fellow travelers sweating their way to Labor Day.

1. The wilted subway rider
You’ll find them standing completely still on a subway platform, not moving too far in any direction in case the extra energy expenditure drenches them in even more sweat. Resembles someone who just ran five miles or a Japanese Water Ghost.

2. The Escape from New York-er
You haven’t seen her since June and you’re not 100% convinced she even lives here anymore. If it wasn’t for that recent Instagram from Montauk, you might try to get her face on a milk carton or something.

3. The dressesive
She confidently slipped into her first summer dress of the year in early May and you won’t see her in any other type of clothing till September. Loves Sangria.

4. The hipster beach bum
When he’s not at The Rockaways, he’s talking about how much he wants to be at The Rockaways.

5. The shameless sunbather 
He’s not afraid to strip down to his underwear (or less) in public to get that perfect tan. Somehow, however, is never actually tan.

6. The Batman drinker
As soon as the weather heats up, this girl pretty much permanently moves to the rooftops of New York. If a bar is at ground level, she is not interested.

7. The central air hoarder
He never leaves his air-conditioned apartment on weekends, and honestly, why would he?

8. The shirtless show-off
He’s not even running! He’s basically just walking at a really fast piece along the Hudson River Park to show off his perfectly chiseled pics.

9. The urban warming denier
The girl in a light coat or guy in a three-piece suit whose fashion game cannot be bothered by this heat.

10. The humidity prepper
He’s got a bottle of water in the side pocket of his backpack and a hat on to protect him from the sun at all times. There’s probably a mini-fan in there somewhere too.

11. The bikini globe trotter
Every hour, seemingly posts a new bathing suit photo from some international hot spot. You begin to wonder if she’s been anywhere except a beach or a yacht for the last three months.

12. The park homesteader
He takes enough food to feed a rush hour F train to the park, as well as three bottles of wine. And music. And a frisbee. And bocce ball. And a full tennis court.

13. The warm weather partier
She goes to all-night ragers and dances till dawn and likes to bring up how nice it is to be able to smoke outside without a coat.

14. “Summer Place” Guy
Did Chad tell you he has this awesome hook-up for this great place in the Hamptons/Upstate/Cape Cod? He probably did.

15. The McCarren Park athlete
He’s really into his summer soccer team.

16. Overwhelmed Park Slope mom
Because school doesn’t start for another month and Jasper wouldn’t spend all summer at camp.

17. Sunburnt Monday commuter
If only the weekend could last just one more day. Or more bodegas sold Aloe Vera.


Spring time in New York City means cherry blossoms, barbecues, and lots of outdoor dining. And there are no better places than Manhattan and Brooklyn to find a place under the sun to enjoy a crisp Cliffton Dry, or a cheese plate with friends and great conversation. We’re sharing some of our favorite local spots where you can post up outside and enjoy some amazing food, drinks, and company.


1. Almond
12 East 22nd Street
New York, NY
With 3 different locations in NYC, it’s hard not to stumble into Almond. Take a seat outside and indulge in their delicious menu, paired with a refreshing glass of Cliffton Dry.

2. Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel
542 West 27th Street
New York, NY
If you’re looking for a great rooftop to enjoy brunch on, look no further than Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel. Home of the ever popular “Sleep No More,” the McKittrick Hotel offers more than just a great performance. The rooftop is beautifully landscaped with lush greenery, where you can enjoy live music and an all you can eat brunch on the weekends.

3. Alice’s Arbor
549 Classon Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn is home to some of the best and newest restaurants in NYC, so it’s only natural you should visit Alice’s Arbor for their full flavored American dishes that are all farm-to-table.

4. Montmartre
158 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY
There’s nothing more french than outdoor dining, and Montmartre definitely captures that essence with their beautiful back patio space, where you can enjoy french inspired meals under the stars.

5. Roof @ South Park Hotel
125 East 27th Street
New York, NY
Enjoy a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the New York City skyline at the South Park Hotel’s rooftop bar. And while you’re taking in the views, take a look at their creative and delicious cocktail and food menus.

Haven’t had enough? Visit out Food Pairings page on our site to see a full list of locations that serve Cliffton Dry!