James’ Menu is as Fresh as Cliffton Dry

A Menu as Fresh as Cliffton Dry

James opened in 2008 as a trailblazer- Deborah Williamson, the owner of this corner staple, boasts that it was one of the first farm-to-table restaurants in the cozy, tree-lined Prospect Heights neighborhood. While it is a huge attraction for regulars in the neighborhood, this gem shouldn’t go unnoticed by those outside Brooklyn. It’s well worth a trip. Charming, tin-pressed ceilings and rustic decor supply a romantic theme that keeps your insides warm and toasty well into dessert.
Despite its vintage charm and the comfortable feeling that encompasses you throughout your experience, James’ menu is in sharp contrast to simplicity. A rotating menu filled with seasonal delights and garnishments, it’s an assortment of fresh and exciting American Fare. Every Friday you’ll find a new variety of dishes, spices and vegetables.
Helping to keep things running over at the James is Jason, who highly recommends the Smoked Trout on Focaccia, with pickled red cabbage, arugula, green olives, capers, and a hard-boiled egg. All of the fish, the salmon burger in particular, were described in such mouth-watering detail that it’s evident that one trip isn’t enough to fully grasp the full spectrum of delectable flavors you’re sure to experience.
Drinks are the cherry on top of any outstanding meal. James has an extensive cocktail menu that includes Cliffton Dry, and we like to keep our drink as fresh as they keep their menu. Unlike other heavy ciders or wines that bog down your taste buds, Cliffton allows you to gather all the flavors and seasoning intermixed into their esteemed produce and savory dishes.

In addition to Burger Night every Monday, with an expanded burger menu, you can’t overlook what should be the bright and shiny light in your weekend, BRUNCH, a place Cliffton Dry shines like no other. Skipping the champagne and choosing the all-natural alternative is going to keep you uplifted throughout your weekend. Be ready to take on the farmers market, shopping in Soho, or whatever rooftop you trek to next.

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